We are Name-free.

Back in 2003 the band's members Lee and Moore started DJing together. While spinning mainly Progressive House records at various parties and events they always kept their passion to synthesizing sounds and sampling records just to push the DJing a little bit forward into live improvisations. Soon enough those ideas led them to buying their first groove box and expanding their equipment for even more synthesizing and sampling power which ended in many still unreleased jam sessions and late night mixes. By that time their music taste has evolved to incorporate more funky grooves and broken rhythms.

In 2008 guys have officially stated themselves as an electronic duo. After long disputes about the name they appeared as Name-free on their first event in a local club which took place on a remarkable date of 29th of February. Influenced by major names like Daft Punk, Justice, Soulwax, The Chemical Brothers and others they brought more Electro flavours into their style. While still live-perfoming and DJing for a few years at the events at some greatest clubs and festivals in Lithuania Name-free have started producing their own music and not without the energy-driven spirit they have gained through the past.

In 2011 band's first radio single Bustin' Out was released followed by another radio single Sound Illusion in 2013. Their first EP 'Think Beat' featuring 4 dance tracks was released for digital sale on 12th of August, 2013 under the name of Ters Music Company. Throughout this time they have also remixed tracks of lithuanian bands like Metal On Metal, The Sneekers, Gerai Gerai & Miss Sheep, Banda Dzeta, Golden Parazyth, The Roop a band from Israel, Bonafide3000.

In the meantime Name-free is slowly headed towards releasing their first full album and a few more EPs on the way.